Extra Gold CBD olie – 10% in hennepzaadolie

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Vitea Mea 1000mg (10%) CBD in hennepzaadolie. Hennepzaadolie bevat waardevolle mineralen, antioxidanten, vitaminen en essentiële eiwitten.

Hoogwaardig goud-CO2-hennepextract, rijk aan natuurlijk voorkomende cannabinoïden.

Vitea Mea 1000mg (10%) CBD in hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil contains valuable minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and essential proteins.

High-quality gold CO2 hemp extract, rich in naturally occurring cannabinoids.

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10 % cbd in hennepzaadolie

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Extra Gold CBD olie – 10% in hennepzaadolie

  1. Raymond

    It was a crisp Monday morning and I was walking past a small shop in the heart of Amsterdam and I saw CBD Oil in the window. I walked past, then doubled back as I remembered reading about the multifaceted healing properties of CBD Oil, and wanted to find out more.
    Inside the shop was a lanky guy with bright, piercing eyes.
    “Hi, welcome in..”
    I asked about the oil in the shop window, and he started to explain slowly, with a deliberate pace to make sure I understood that the oil has many positive properties, but was not yet declared a medicine. But it helps so many people.. ” Many people who cannot get relief from regular medication take CBD Oil, and their illnesses are often relieved or even gone..”
    “Really?? “How does it work then?” “Many conditions are showing a disbalance in the body..” “The CBD Oil can help to bring balance in levels where it needs help, where the imunesystem is failing….

    Ok, I have back pain from my job, will it help?- try it…and give it a good period so you can find out how sensitive you are by genetics, towards CBD ….and also…. with your eating and drinking next to it….it can really have a big impact on how well CBD works….for almost all my customers it was an amazing eye opener”

    I bought the Vitea Mea 1000mg (10%) CBD in hemp seed oil..
    One month later, my back pain is gone, I have more energy, my focus is sharp, my sleep is deeper, my skin is clearer, hell, I’m rejuvenated!!
    I will be taking this stuff daily from now on, I want to live my best life…

  2. Thije

    Heel erg bedankt voor alle informatie!

    Ik kan nu veel beter slapen. Bij thuiskomst neem ik een aantal druppels en nu slaap ik makkelijker en word uitgerust wakker.

    Kan het moeilijk in woorden uitdrukken hoe veel dit voor mij betekent.

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